Explainer Video

Make your audience pay attention to the tiniest details of your brand with highly engaging explainer videos. Whether your brand is a product or service, we can help you promote it in a better way.

We’re professional storytellers with a rich insight into your brand message. We conduct research on your industry, competitors, and audience before creating the explainer video to get a clear understanding of how you can influence the buying decisions of your spectators.

For years, we have been creating videos and helping thousands of companies enlighten their customers, staff, affiliates and prospects about their brand. Our videos donot just deliver your brand message, they make it stick into your viewers’ minds.

There Are Thousands Of Explainer Video Companies, Why Choose Us

Unlimited Revisions

We believe it is better to ask questions beforehand rather than ending up doing wrong. Thus at every stage of video animation, we throw some questions towards you. Yet if there is anything that we have missed or anything you like to add, you are most welcome. We’ll do revisions until and unless you are completely satisfied.

Dedicated Team

We have staffed a dedicated team of experts to help you get the best services with optimal satisfaction so that your project can be done under keen attention and exceptional skills.

Fast Turnaround Times

We prepare a timeline for every video animation phase so that you can have a clear idea about when your video is going to be completed. Therefore, having us as your video animation partner, you can rest assure about knowing when which part of your video is going to be completed.

No Hidden charges

We understand how daunting it is to encounter hidden charges along with the flat fees and the product that was “apparently” economical has dug out a big hole in your wallet. To eliminate the phobia of hidden charges from your mind, we offer fixed rates for your animated video so that we can keep in line with your budget.

100% Unique Visuals

Yes! There’s a bundle of websites offering art templates, but what can make your business video stand out is the customized characters that can represent your business and services to your customers. We handcraft our videos visual by visual, this is the reason why all of our visuals represents professionalism at its best.

Rates Within Your Budget

Best things do come at low rates and we prove it every single day. Offering rates that can give you a mini heartache is totally not our policy. We go extra miles to deliver the highest quality animation service while sticking to your budget. The explainer video we carve for you at TechUzman will surely worth every penny you invest in the project.

Professional Voice Over Artist

Voice-over matters a lot when it comes to an animated video. We have handpicked the finest voices of the industry to give a specific vocal tone to your brand story. Our voice-over artists have years of experience and are known to have a diverse array of styles. No matter which accent you want to have: American, native Britain, Scottish or Australian, we have got you covered.

Script Writing That Converts

No video is complete without a script, as it has a fair share in delivering your brand message rightly. Our script writers create compelling scripts that induce the viewers to towards the specific goals and call to actions.

Our process